Patient Care (Clinical) Navigation

Quick reference

  • All patient care information presented on YSM sites should follow these recommendations. Patients should have a consistent navigation experience no matter which department they visit.
  • For ease of use, list the appointment phone number in the left column address area — always list this phone number before other phone numbers.

To provide patients with a seamless experience when browsing patient care information across departmental websites, the Web Group has developed a recommended navigation structure that should always be used for pages that describe patient services.

Academic sections

We recommend the following guidelines for posting clinical information on the academic section of departmental websites.

Patient Care information should fall under the “Patient Care” navigation link on the main navigation (orange) bar. The Patient Care section should include:

  • Overview of Services / Diseases & Treatments
  • Make an Appointment
  • Visitor Information
  • [Program & Center names & links to sites] (if applicable)

We recommend adding the following links to the left navigation area on the academic section home page:

  • Make an Appointment
  • Visitor Information
  • [Program & Center names & links to sites] (if applicable)

Clinical programs

We recommend the following navigation and page structure for clinical program websites:

  • Home
  • About Us
    Includes Staff, Welcome from the Director, History, etc.
  • Patient Care
    Description of clinical services.
  • Make an Appointment
    Includes phone numbers and instructions, insurance information, forms, etc.
  • Visitor Information
    Includes location, directions, parking, and nearby hotels or lodging.
  • [The Disease/Condition] (when program treats a disease/condition)
    Includes consumer–oriented health information about the disease/condition and its treatments.
  • Research
    Includes article abstracts and links to full articles (pubmed), and contact information for prospective collaborators.

additional notes
Phone numbers in the left column address area should list the appointment phone number before any other phone numbers.