Left Column

Quick reference

  • Only text is editable, not styles.
  • The sub-navigation is for secondary pages dependent on the top-level pages.
  • The address box may not exceed seven lines.
  • Items can be removed from the toolbox, but not be added.
  • At a minimum, the toolbox must contain Search, Calendar, Contact Us, Intranet, Yale phonebook and YSM home.

text editable

These are links to second-level pages that are related to the main navigation. Links to outside websites should be on a “related links” page and not in the main navigation of your site.

appropriate content
The left column should contain the sub-navigation, followed by the address and contact information, followed by the toolbox.


The sub-navigation contains a list of links pertaining to any of the major links in the orange navigation band or content on the page. This list should not include any of the “toolbox” links, which should be segregated in the tool set.  In addition, this list should not use flyouts, instead relying on the left column navigation bar to include indented third level (if appropriate and necessary, such as for a long list), or to have an added “related links” box added in the right column. Usability should always be at the forefront when determining appropriate links to include in the sub-navigation.

As part of the initial website buildling process, the Web Group works with template users to establish the left navigational structure.


The address bar contains contact information for the site’s owner (listed in main blue band). The address should not contain “Yale School of Medicine” or any variation of the school or university’s name. Use the format:

Organization’s name

additional notes
If there are multiple addresses, organizations should list only the main contact information and then use a ‘more’ link to direct users to a separate page with the rest of the information.


The toolbox is only partially editable and contains links to resources and information that is commonly offered on all YSM sites. Currently, the toolbox includes “Search,” “Find a physician,” “Calendar,” “Maps & Directions,” “Intranet,” “Library,” “Yale phonebook” and “YSM home.” The tools is always be listed in the order above.

additional notes
Organizations can choose to exclude “Find a physician,” “Maps & Directions” and “Library” from the set, but you may not add tools.

The link from each tool will bring the user to the most ‘local’ information available first. For instance, under “Contact us,” the first listing would be contact information for the subsection, followed by information for the parent organization, followed by information for YSM generally. Content will be provided (and remotely, periodically updated) by YSM for “Contact us” and “News” (not a tool, but found in the YSM navigation bar). In addition, sites can always link to centrally maintained pages for any tool item, as is the default.