Component Schemas & Templates List

Below, please find a listing of all components and their associated templates. Click on the Component to find specific directions for its usage.
Component SchemaDescriptionTemplate to Select on Page
About the Image/BannerUsed for wide images and banners. Requires separate multimedia components for full size and cropped images to be made first. One component required for each wide image.
Address Used for creating Side Column Maps.
AppointmentDesigned schema to highlight contact information for scheduling.
CalendarUsed to create customized calendar display by extracting organization information from
Clinical Trial Listing

Used to create organized listing of available clinical trials on page.

Clinical Trial Listing component is used for the content in the center of the page. This component ALSO requires the insertion of a Link component of a Faculty Directory component that includes the Organization ID.

CodeUsed to enter code directly onto a page, such as for Form Builder forms. The HTML code is generated in tools.medicine.yale and entered into the code field of the component.
  • Code
  • Code #side
ContentThe most widely used component. Used for creating basic text and compiling paragraphs on a page. Also used for call outs on the right side and summaries. Can include images in summary and full templates.
Dynamic ListUsed to maintain a list of podcasts to display on a site as a podcast archive.
Empty (Horizontal Rule)Used to break up text in the center area of page; dashed line.
External Link SummaryUsed to create a link to an external URL with a title and introduction text. 
Faculty Directory

Used as both a component within the page that will feature the faculty listing and a separate page of its own within the structure group for Tridion use. Organization must already exist in Faculty Profile System prior to use.

All Examples: 
Faculty List WidgetUsed for Lab Sites, displays as right column call out for more than one member of lab. Organization must already exist in Faculty Profile System prior to use.
Faculty Profile WidgetUsed for Lab Sites, displays as left column call out with information about director of lab. Organization must already exist in Faculty Profile System prior to use.
FAQUsed for FAQ sections of site, functions like a "drop down" menu. Each FAQ question must be included on a List component.
FlyerboardUsed to manage the settings for touchscreen displays.
Google MapTypically used on "Directions" or "Contact Us" pages. Inserts Google Map of location and/or organization onto page. ID must already exist in Faculty Profile System prior to use. 
International Activity MapTypically used on "Directions", "Contact Us", or "International Activity Pages". Insert an International Activity Map of locations by inserting the ID from the Faculty Profile System.
LinkUsed to insert one component into another. For example, the News Portal includes a link component of the Faculty Directory component. 
Link: MultimediaUsed to insert a download link for a multimedia item, such as a picture or document, on to a page.
ListUsed to compile list of components, see various examples to the right. 
Media LibraryUsed to pull in video or audio files added to the YSM Media Library.
National Cancer Institute PDQ Database

Used to display information pulled from NCI's PDQ Database.

News Portal Used to create news pages or widgets. 
Main News Listing Example: 
News Widget View Examples: 
For Article Page Only (Web Group sets up): 
  • News Portal - Article View and News Portal - Article Widget View
Page TitleUsed on pages that feature multimedia content without text as a means of featuring a title on the page.
Publications ListUsed to create a dynamic list of publications from PubMed that automatically updates based on a PubMed query inserted in the component.
Publications ReferenceUsed to create a Publications List (see above, i.e. a designed layout featuring a list of recent publications). 
Components Published in Building Blocks to Appear: 
PubMed Feed 
Used to create organized listing of publications.
PodcastUsed to create an individual Podcast. These can be displayed on your site as a list of podcast episodes by inserting them in a Dynamic List component.
Podcast FeedIt generates a feed that you can plug into iTunes to create a publicly downloadable podcast in the iTunes store that can be updated through Tridion. If needed, please contact
QuoteUsed to insert quotes or testimonials onto a page.
RSS FeedUsed to aggregate updates for frequently updated sites, like blogs and news, in a standardized format.
SearchIf needed, please contact
Security: CASUsed to restrict access to pages, directories, or structure groups within a site by CAS or generic security option.
Security: GenericUsed to restrict access to pages, directories, or structure groups within a site by generic security, consisting of a generic username and password.
Tab LabelTab labels are used to create multiple tabbed areas on a page.
  • Tab Label
Tabbed SearchUsed to create a search field for web results (pages on the site), people, news, and clinical trials. If needed, please contact
Text FragmentUsed to create a more styled call out on a page. Is attached onto a content component.
  • Must be inserted into content component "Callout" field as Standard Right, Rust Right, Standard Full Width or Rust Full Width
Twitter FeedUsed to display the most recent tweets of a specified Twitter account.
Youtube & VimeoUsed to insert YouTube or Vimeo videos onto page.