Publications List

Publications Listing

To highlight your organization's publications, use the "Publications List" component to create a gallery of issues to insert on a page of your site.


What You Will Learn

  • How to create a list of publications (magazines, journals, etc.) to your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create Publications Reference components to display in the list.
  2. Create a List component. Add the Publication Reference components to the list
  3. Insert the List component onto your page as a Publications List template. Publish.

  1. First you need to create individual components for each publication you want to include in the list. These components can exist anywhere in the Building Blocks folder, but it may be easiest to create a separate folder for these components.
  1. Create a "Publications Reference" component for each issue of the publication you'd like to display in a publication list.
    • Publication Name: Enter the name of the Publication.
    • Issue Name: Enter the volume, e.g. March 2012 or Vol. 3
    • Cover image: Select an image that has already been uploaded into Tridion. These will appear as thumbnails for each issue of a publication.
    • Issue Date: Select the issue date using the calendar button.
    • URL: If you have a link to the issue, click the hyperlink button in this field and enter the URL.
  2. Save & Close your Publications Reference component(s).
  3. While still in the Building Blocks folder, create a "List" component.
  4. In the title field, enter the heading you want to appear on the page for your publications list. For example, "Recent Publications" or "Latest Publications."
  5. Save & Close.
  6. Then go into the Root folder of your publication and insert the List component on your page using the "Publications List" template.
  7. Save & Close, then publish the page.