Boxed Content

Boxed components can be used to display your content in interesting ways that can break up your page. This is better than leaving all of your text in a central content component, as it makes the content easier to absorb, and pulls the reader's attention to specific pieces of information. Most boxed components can be displayed as right side components or as full width components in the center of your page.

Right Column Content Schema without Images

Utilizing the right column of your page is an effective way to grab users' attention. Content components can be inserted in the right column by using two different templates.

Text Fragments

Text Fragment components also add designed call outs to your page and draw attention to specific information.

Patient Care Call Out

"Appointment Box" Callout

You can use the schema to insert a styled call out on your page. While this template was designed primarily for patient care information, all text fields in the box are editable...

Content - Green Shaded #right

Example of "Content - Green Shaded #right."

Content - No border #right

Example of "Content - No border #right."

Content - Purple Shaded #right

Example of "Content - Purple Shaded #right."

Content - Teal Shaded #right

Example of "Content - Teal Shaded #right."

Content - white box #right.

Example of "Content - white box #right."