Adding Multimedia on a Webpage

After uploading your multimedia content, the next step is to insert the content onto a page using particular templates. Visit each section below to learn how to publish multimedia content on your page.

Image Gallery 2

Images & Image Galleries

Instructions for home page banner images, wide images, standard images next to paragraphs, and galleries are all provided here.

Audio Player 2

Audio Players

You can feature audio content on your website by inserting an Audio Player (Main Column), Audio Player for Side Column, or multiple Audio Players to create a Music Gallery.

Adding Documents to a Page

Adding Documents to a Page

A document is not added onto a page by using any specific template like other multimedia components. Rather, text is hyperlinked to a document component, which allows for the user to download the document from your site once published.



You can use Tridion to create a Podcast for display on your site and add a Podcast channel in Apple iTunes. Inserting Podcasts onto a page requires several steps before creating the actual Podcast components.