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Piano Concerto in D Major, Op.13 Toccata Allegro(12:27)

Piano Concerto in D Major, Op.13 Toccata Allegro Molto e con Brio


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Multiple Gallery Topper

Instructions for Components on this Page

Multiple Gallery Topper

You can add multiple photo, video, or audio galleries at the top of your page using the Page-Topper- Photo and Video Gallery template.


  1. Find or create List components for each gallery you want to be included within the topper.  If they are not already, make sure that these galleries are published to other pages of your site, the topper will link to these pages.
  2. Create 3 LinkList components, one for each column of the topper. Each LinkList should contain 2 photo or video gallery lists OR audio MediaLibrary components. For example, the first List could contain 2 photo gallery lists, the second List could contain 2 video gallery lists, and the third List could contain a video gallery and audio file.
    • Title: The Title you enter here will appear in the column heading.
    • List: Enter the two photo or video Lists or audio MediaLibrary component, you can have any combination of 2.
    • Link: Select a multimedia List already published on another page of your site (can be the same as one of the galleries you inserted as a list).
    • Link Text: This is the linked text that will direct to the component you selected in the "Link" field. 
  3. Insert the three LinkLists you created in step 2 into a single List component.
  4. Go into the Root folder of your page and open the page you want to feature the topper. It must be a one column page. 
  5. Insert the comprehensive List component onto your page as Page Topper- Photo and Video Gallery component template.
  6. Save & Close, then publish.