Facebook Feed

What You Will Learn

How to insert a Facebook feed onto your page

You can insert a Facebook feed in the main or right column which will display the most recent posts of a specified Facebook page.

Facebook Feed Instructions

  1. In your Building Blocks folder, create a new component with the schema Facebook Feed.
  2. Enter the Facebook account name (the name of the page that appears in the Facebook URL, not the full name) in the Facebook Name field.
  3. Enter the number of posts you'd like to display in the feed.
  4. Save & Close.
  5. Go into the Root folder of your publication, and open the Structure Group and then the page that will house your Facebook Feed.
  6. Insert the component on the page and select the Facebook Feed (main column) or Facebook Feed Widget (right column) from the Component Template menu.
  7. Save & Close. Then publish!