Publications Listing

To highlight your organization's publications, use the "Publications List" component to create a gallery of issues to insert on a page of your site.


What You Will Learn

  • How to create a list of publications (magazines, journals, etc.) to your page

Quick Steps

  1. Create Publications Reference components to display in the list. Publish these in the Building Blocks folder.
  2. Create a Publications List component. Select which publications you'd like to display in the list.
  3. Insert the Publications List component onto your page as a Publications List template. Publish.

  1. First you need to create individual components for each publication you want to include in the list. These components can exist anywhere in the Building Blocks folder, but it may be easiest to create a separate folder for these components.

Important Note: Correctly Publishing in the Building Blocks Folder

In order for the Publications List to publish on a page, you must publish the Publications Reference components in the Building Blocks folder. How you proceed to publish these will depend if your website uses a single publication or has a parent-child structure. Your site has parent-child structure if you build your components in a parent publication, e.g. "Surgery - (1)," and the Root folder with the pages of your website is in a separate child publication, e.g. "Surgery - (2) Main Site."

  • For a website that is a single Tridion publication: Publish from the same folder where you built the components.
  • For a website that has parent-child structure: Publish the component in the parent Building Block folder (where you built the components). When the publishing window pops up, click on the Advanced tab. Check off the Also Publish/ Unpublish in Child Publications option.
  1. Create a "Publications Reference" component for each issue of the publication you'd like to display in a publication list.
    • Publication Name: Enter the name of the Publication.
    • Issue Name: Enter the volume, e.g. March 2012 or Vol. 3
    • Cover image: Select an image that has already been uploaded into Tridion. These will appear as thumbnails for each issue of a publication.
    • Issue Date: Select the issue date using the calendar button.
    • URL: If you have a link to the issue, click the hyperlink button in this field and enter the URL.
  2. Save & Close your Publications Reference component(s).
  3. Publish the "Publication Reference" component(s) you created within the Building Blocks folder. Yes, this is an exception to the rule of not publishing within the Building Blocks folder!
  4. While still in the Building Blocks folder, create a "Publications List" component.
  5. In the title field, enter the heading you want to appear on the page for your publications list. For example, "Recent Publications" or "Latest Publications."
  6. Check "Include Local Links".
    • If you want to include a issues of Medicine@Yale and/or Yale Medicine, check their respective boxes. The listing will automatically update when new issues are added.
  7. Save & Close.
  8. Then go into the Root folder of your publication and insert the Publication List component on your page using the "Publications List" template.
  9. Save & Close, then publish the page
  10. To add new issues to the list in the future, just create a new "Publication Reference" component for each issue, tag accordingly, and publish it in the Building Blocks folder. Once the reference component is published, the list will automatically display it on your site.

For Multiple Lists of Publications

If you want to use multiple Publication Lists on your site, you'll need to create keywords to identify which references belong to which publications. To do this:

  1. Create one keyword for each publication you'd like to create a listing for. These should be created under Categories and Keywords > Publication Reference Keys.
  2. Fill out the Name field for each keyword, all other fields can remain blank.
  3. Once you've created all the keywords you'll need, publish the Publication Reference Keys category.
  4. Tag each of your Publication Reference components with the appropriate keyword.
  5. When creating or editing a Publications List component, the keywords you created will appear as options to display in the list.
  6. Be sure to Save & Close then Publish any Publication Reference components or pages with Publications Lists that you update.