Form Builder

Quick Steps

  1. Create a Form at Copy and paste all text in "Embed Code" field from Setup Tab into a Code component.
  2. Insert Code component onto page as "Code" template. 

Use these instructions to embed a form you've created at onto your Tridion site.

  1. Go to and login with your NetID.
  2. Select an existing form or create a new form to embed on your site.
  3. In the Setup tab, copy all of the text in the Embed Code field.
  4. Open your publication in Tridion, and create a Code component in your Building Blocks folder.
  5. Insert the code you copied into this component, then click Save and Close.
  6. Insert this Code component onto a page in your publication, using the Code or Code #side template.
  7. Save & Close the page, then publish it.