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Bonde, Pramod

Research Interests:Ventricular assist devices; Wireless heart; Resonant Energy Transfer (FREE-D); Percutaneous valve technology; Computational fluid dynamics; Heart transplantation

Elefteriades, John Alex

Research Interests:Genetics of thoracic aortic aneurysms; Spinal cord and brain protection; Blood test for aneurysm disease; Deep hypothermic circulatory arrest and its effect on cognitive abilities; Novel heart transplantation technique; Advanced left ventricular failure; Transplantation

Hashim, Sabet

Research Interests:Mitral valve repair for degenerative and ischemic mitral regurgitation; Mini-invasive aortic and mitral valve surgery;Trans-arterial aortic valve replacement(TAVR); Trans-venous Mitra-Clip for mitral regurgitation. Arterial conduits for coronary revascularisation.

Karimi, Mohsen

Research Interests:improved surgical techniques, including lower need for heart medications, shorter ventilator support, lower complication rate, and much shorter length of stay in the hospital; blood conservation measures to improve outcomes in pediatric cardiac operations; blood conservation in cardiac surgery; limited or no-blood transfusion during cardiac surgery.

Kopf, Gary Sheldon

Research Interests:Arrhythmia surgery for congenital heart disease; Clinical research on long term survivors of congenital heart surgery; Experimental surgical models for congenital heart surgery; Web-based educational tools for congenital heart surgery

Mangi, Abeel A.

Research Interests:LVAD; Cardiac transplant; Database; Outcomes; Heart failure

Tellides, George

Research Interests:Vascular biology; Immunology; Transplantation

Yuh, David Daiho

Research Interests:Cardiac valvular disease; Minimally-Invasive Approaches to Cardiac Surgery; Surgical Robotics; Computational Cardiac Modeling; Three-Dimensional Echocardiography