Faculty List Widgets

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and add a Faculty List Widget to a page.

Quick Steps

  1. Create a Faculty List Widget component and fill in required fields, including the Organization ID and display options.
  2. Insert the component on a page using the template "Faculty Widget" or "Faculty Widget (right)"

Faculty List Widgets can be used to display limited details about a small number of faculty on a page. They are intended to feature faculty or staff on pages that do not primarily focus on listing people, and can be added to the center or right column.

Faculty List Widgets generally do not display the full membership of an organization, but a randomly-selected subset of of people in the Profile System organization used. The members displayed on the page will update every time the page is reloaded.


  1. Create a Faculty List Widget component in an appropriate Building Blocks folder.
  2. Name the component.
  3. Heading: Enter a heading for the list, which will appear above the widget as an H2.
  4. Organization ID: Enter the appropriate 6-digit organization ID from the profile system; this determines which faculty listing will display. The org IDs for profile organizations appear in the URL of the Details pages in the profile system.
    Example: "http://profile.yale.edu/organization/organization.asp?orgID=108789"
  5. Number of faculty to display: The widget will display this many people by randomly selecting them from the organization you identified. If you want to display the entire listing, rather than a subset of people, enter "0" for this field.
  6. Unique Personal Identifiers: This optional field is used if you want certain people to display in the listing every time, rather than a random selection, enter their UPI number(s) in this field. To add more than one UPI, use the green "+" button to create an additional field.
  7. Mission filter: Another optional field which can be used to only show certain types of faculty. This will limit who will display to those that have the selected missions checked off in their profiles.
  8. Component link to faculty profile: Insert the Faculty Directory component used for a full listing of faculty on another page of the site here.
  9. summarySource: This field will determine which information appears under each person's name in the widget. You have the choice of displaying their title, biography, clinical interests, or research interests. Because the display area is small, all of these information sources are truncated.
  10. Once you've entered all the desired information, Save and close the component.
  11. Open the page in the Root folder you'd like to add the widget to.
  12. In the Component Presentations tab, insert the component using the schema "Faculty Widget" to insert it in the center column or "Faculty Widget (right)" to insert it in the right column.
  13. Save and close, then Publish the page.

Titles Example

Bio Profile

Dale Han

Assistant Professor of Surgery (Oncology)

Bio Profile

Derek Matthew Steinbacher

Associate Professor of Surgery (Plastic) and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Bio Profile

Daniel J. Boffa

Associate Professor of Surgery (Section of Thoracic Surgery)

Bio Profile

Joseph Santos-Sacchi

Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology), of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and of Neurobiology

Bio Profile

Brigid Killelea

Assistant Professor of Surgery (Oncology)

Bio Profile

Kimberly A. Davis

Professor of Surgery (Trauma)

Bio Profile

William B Stewart

Associate Professor of Surgery (Gross Anatomy)

Bio Profile

Jeffrey Indes

Assistant Professor of Surgery (Vascular)

Clinical Interests Example

Pramod Narayan Bonde

Clinical Interests: Adult; Coronary Artery Bypass; Cardiac Surgical Procedures; Heart Valve Diseases; Heart Transplantation; Balloon Valvuloplasty

Walter E Longo

Clinical Interests: Colitis, Ulcerative; Crohn Disease; Diverticulitis; Medical Oncology