Tridion Training Videos

Tridion Training Videos

Before getting access to Tridion, you must review the Tridion Training Videos. This series of short videos introduce the basic concepts needed to use the CMS and demonstrate how to make simple edits in the system.

The following videos were designed for editors who are completely new to Tridion. The Introduction to Tridion Video Series covers all of the concepts you'll need to become familiar with in order to successfully use the YSM web content management system.

These videos were created to replace formal, in-person training sessions. We have found that the best way for users to become proficient in using Tridion is to get into the system and start editing. These videos provide a brief yet thorough introduction to Tridion which can be viewed in your office when you're ready to begin making edits. Also, unlike a training session they can be reviewed at any time.

Despite discontinuing training sessions, we still believe one-on-one Tridion support can be extremely helpful, especially when editors are first starting out. After viewing the videos below, if you would like assistance with your first edits in Tridion our group provides two support options:

  • New editors can attend office hours where they can receive help at our office in 1 Church Street with a member of the Web Group. Office hours slots can be reserved via the Resource Scheduler.
  • If an editor would prefer to work from their own office, or if they simply don't have time to make it to our building, we also provide support via screen share. Screen shares are more flexible than office hours and can be scheduled on-demand, so if you are interested in a screen share please contact

Introduction to Tridion Video Series