Welcome to YSM Web Support!

This site is focused on providing support to web editors within the YSM community.  You will find information on how to use Tridion to build and edit your own website, a guide to using more advanced components and templates, information on our suite of external applications, and more.

Support Documentation: Quick Links

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Tridion Training Videos»

Are you a new Tridion User? Your first stop should be our Introduction to Tridion Video Series. This video series covers all of the concepts you'll need to become familiar with in order to successfully use the YSM web content management system.

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Tridion User Guide»

This user guide take you through all of the stages of learning how to use Tridion. Here you can find instructions on the basics of using tridion, how to create and edit pages, structure groups and components, how to publish, and much more.
Components and Templates

Template Instructions and Examples»

These instructions provide an overview of the many different ways to display content using Tridion in the form of component schemas and templates.  All of the instructions are accompanied by examples to help you select the most appropriate presentation for your content.

YSM Applications»

As part of the Web Group's core challenge to solve web-based problems with school-wide solutions, we have developed an ever-growing suite of applications to enhance the school's websites.