Understanding and Treating Disorders of Female Sexual Dysfunction


Female Sexual Dysfunction

What is the purpose of this trial?

This study intends to investigate a specially designed vibrator that allows for direct stimulation of several parts of the female genital area.  We believe that this device may be beneficial to women with neurological sexual dysfunction, who may fail to develop adequate sexual stimulation with normal penile or digital penetration. We hypothesize that female arousal may be improved through self-manipulation with this device because of the device’s ability to enhance the intensity of the stimulation provided. Thus, we  propose the following objectives: a) primary objective: to evaluate the effectiveness  of  the vibrator in women with female sexual dysfunction by comparing pre- and post-treatment measurements, with patients serving as their own controls b) secondary objective: to determine if sensory neurological function assessed using quantitative sensory testing, has any correlation with subject outcome reports.

Participants will be compensated $300 upon completion of the study.

Participation Guidelines

21 Years and older

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Yale University
September 2008
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