FY15 Web Group Fee Schedule

For FY15, the Web Group has three primary fee-based services: 

  1. Website Building
  2. Website Editing
  3. Website Review

This fee schedules below outline the costs for each service. The fees cover a portion of the staff time necessary to complete the service-related tasks; however, the school fully subsidizes the underlying systems and staff dedicated to creating and maintaining those systems.

Website Building Service

The Web Group’s site building activities are divided between official YSM organizations and faculty lab websites. The fee schedule for organization sites is based on project size as follows:

Project SizePage RangeMinimum Threshold1Project Fee
Small10-20 pages19 pages$2,999.91/site
Medium21-50 pages38 pages$5,999.82/site
Large51-100 pages76 pages$12,079.44/site
Ad-Hoc2<15 pagesN/A$157.89/page

For more information about project costs billing, please see the Project Fee Details page.

For projects that fall outside of the Small, Medium and Large new or substantially revamped project parameters, clients can pay for ad-hoc page building service. The Ad-Hoc project category is intended for groups that need to add less than 15 pages to their existing website.

Website Editing Service

Site Editing is based on a per-page fee of $66.67. A page is generally defined as either one unique URL address or a page with 250 words of content. 

If you have multiple edits all on a single page (e.g. several text changes, adding a photo, and removing a person from a list), that will still be just one charge of $66.67.

Conversely, if you have one single change that spans multiple pages (e.g. changing an acronym that appears in multiple places), the charge will be multiplied by the total number of pages.

In instances where a single page contains a significant amount of content presented in a condensed fashion (e.g. through the use of drop downs or tabs), we will divide the total number of words by 250 to determine the page count.  

Website Review Service

The Website Review service is for clients who need a professional review of their website’s organization and usability. The Web Group will provide a report with recommendations, which the client can then make themselves or hire the Web Group to implement.  The fees for the report and implementations, which are based on project size, are as follows:

Plan SizePage RangeMinimum Threshold1Project Fees
Review ReportUnlimited16 pages$300
Small10-20 pages15 pages$1,000.05
Medium21-50 pages45 pages$3,000.15
Large51-100 pages75 pages$5,000.25
If the minimum threshold is not met for the project size, the Project Fee will be discounted for each page below the minimum threshold. For more information, please see the Project Fee Details page.

Basic Review

The initial review is priced at $300. This covers the cost of a comprehensive review of a site and a final report which will contain a section-by-section (and where warranted, page-by-page) review of issues found and recommendations to address them. Where warranted, it will also include an overall summary of ideas to enhance the entire site.


Should you engage the Web Group to implement the recommendations, we will price the project according to the size of your existing site. The prices are lower because we will only work with existing content rather than building a site from scratch with new content.  In addition, there is no photo shoot. 

For more information on exact costs, please see the Project Fee Details page.

Should the organization want to include new content/pages as part of the implementation, the organization’s team must submit these in final form before work begins. In addition, if new content increases the number of total pages, the project may be priced in a larger project size.

Like a site build, the project team will review together the initial changes for adherence to the agreed upon approach. A round of edits are included in order to fine tune the changes before a final review and then going live with the revised site.

Faculty Lab Website Building Service

New lab websites incur a one-time $500 fee. For FY15, existing lab websites that are transitioned into the School of Medicine's web systems are free. 

Project TypePage RangeMinimum Threshold1Project Fee
New Site1-20 pages5 pages$500
Existing Site Transfer1-20 pagesN/A$0
If the site is less than five pages, a $100 discount will be issued for each page below five.