The Web Group has built a suite of centrally funded applications and services that we want to make sure you know about, including:

Community Building

In an effort to connect the more than 250 website editors around the School of Medicine, the Web group provides several services:

  • Monthly Web Editors Meetings:These meetings provide an opportunity for editors to network and for us to discuss our latest projects, provide insight into the school's various applications and get input on future development. We post videos of the meetings on our website each month. 
  • Weekly News Articles: Three times a week, the Web Group posts a new article on our website about the latest web developments, training and support information, tips and tricks, quality control, etc. to help keep our website editors informed. 
  • Facebook, Yammer and Twitter: We keep an active social media presence to help keep editors and website owners informed of the latest web developments at YSM.

Website Building

The Web Group works with all official YSM organizations, including labs, to build their websites in the school's branded template. Over the past five years, all department and organization websites have been moved into the school's template (more than 300 websites), and in 2012 we began transitioning all lab websites into the school's new lab template as well. Any new website at the school will also be built in these systems. 

We hope that by focusing resources on generating excellent content and letting the school fund the website's design and functionality, organizations will be able to create outstanding websites that meet all their needs. For more information, please see:

Website Support

Once a website is live, our group will provide training and support to your who are staff designated to maintain the website. We've created an extensive support website that provides documentation, examples and videos. See our Support Website. Other support services include:

  • Broken Link and Spelling Error Reports: The school subscribes to SiteImprove, a service that generates weekly reports for each website about broken links and misspelled words. Website editors receive these reports via email every five days, giving them easy-to-follow information about content errors on the site. 

Website Editing

For those organizations that do not have the staff or time to maintain their websites, we offer a Website Editing Service. For a low yearly fee our team will make updates to your organization's website on a schedule established with your website coordinator. For more information, please see the Website Editing Service section of our website. Other website editing services include:

  • Website ReviewFor maximum impact, websites need to be updated frequently. We've created the Website Review service to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website. The review provides recommendations on how to improve the site, both from a user interface standpoint (matching content to design templates) to the site's organization and structure. Once the review is done, we will generate a report for your website editor to make the updates or we can help make the updates for you. 

Website Applications

We've built a suite of applications, all centrally funded, that help organize and deliver data to your website. These applications are easy to use and will assist you in better maintaining the information on your site. Often, these applications will dynamically update the content on your site when changes are made. Applications include:

  • Profile System: Designed to collect, display, and utilize information about faculty in order to improve faculty communications, engender a sense of community and collaboration at the school, expand information about YSM faculty online, and improve the internal and external reputation of YSM.
  • News System:The news system was created to allow organizations at YSM to more efficiently create and share news and to prevent redundancy of content and of effort. News items entered into the system can be tagged with people and organizations to show up in their news feeds and can be shared across multiple organizations and faculty profiles.
  • Yale Clinical Trials System: Designed to display information about all clinical trials actively recruiting at Yale. This system can dynamically display active trails from physicians in your organization on your website. 
  • Resource Scheduler: Allows YSM organizations to give scheduling access to their resources (lab equipment, rooms, etc.) based on constraints (i.e. users can only schedule one time slot per every 24 hours) and charge users for time via validated PTAEOs.
  • Event Calendar:An intuitive and easy to use system available to display public or private calendars on YSM websites.
  • Form Builder: Allows non-technical people to easily construct forms to place them on their website.


The Web Group provides professional photo shoots for each new website to help generate beautiful imagery. Websites are eligible for new photo shoots every few years, based on availability. We also provide headshot photo shoots for faculty multiple times a year. For more information or to setup a shoot, please contact the Web Group at