Taking Ownership of Your Site

When your site is being finalized and prepared for launch, you might be wondering what happens after you take ownership and how you edit and keep it up-to-date. This page provides you with the information you need to start and should be bookmarked as a helpful reference guide.

Start with reviewing the Tridion Support materials and watch the introductory videos we have here:

In addition, in order to manage the membership list for those people in the YSM Profile System, you should review this information:

Once you've reviewed all the materials above, simply email ysm.editor@yale.edu and request that your netID be activated for this site. 

There are also three levels of ongoing support available to you:

  1. ysm.editor@yale.edu or 203.737.7932
  2. Screen shares with the support team
  3. Office hours for hands-on assistance

If anyone else needs access to the site, they'll need to go through the same steps outlined above though we do strongly recommend that just one person be primarily responsible for editing the site.

Finally, there are a lot of common questions that are asked when a new site goes live (e.g. "Why isn't my site showing up in Google?!"). To address the most common ones, we created this FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Websites.