Right Column Content Schema with Images

What You Will Learn

  • How to create boxes for the right column of your page with images

Quick Steps

  1. Create content component and insert images into "Image" field
  2. Insert on page as "Content-No Border #right" or "Content-white box #right"

Right Column Content Components can also feature images. Using the content component in this way adds more designed elements to your page.


  1. In your Building Blocks folder, create a new Component and select "Content" from the schema menu.
  2. After inserting a name for your component, insert text in the "Title" and brief text in the "Text and tables" section.
  3. In the Image field, click the yellow folder with the magnifying glass. Tridion will automatically take you to your Building Blocks folder, select the image you want to include.
    • If you want to include more than one image, you will need to add another paragraph by clicking the green (+) sign next to "Paragraph heading." Each image will need to attach to its own "Text and tables" section.
  4. Under Image, select the appropriate Image size and Horizontal Image alignment. Examples are provided to the right.
    • Note that there are only two sizes for images in the right column.  Full-size (like the Koala image) or a square thumbnail. Choosing any size other than Fullsize will create a square image like the penguin or tulip photo.
    • Vertical image alignment does not apply to right column images, so choosing above or below makes no difference.
  5. Save & Close your component.
  6. Insert your component onto the appropriate page, and select the Content- white box #right or Content - no border #right template.
  7. Save & Close, then publish!