Specialized Text: Right Column Boxes, Callouts, FAQs & more

These templates are designed for specific content presentation needs like adding text to the right column, creating FAQ's, or displaying quotations.

RC without Images

Right Column Content Schema without Images

Utilizing the right column of your page is an effective way to grab users' attention. Content components can be inserted in the right column by using two different templates.

Right Column Schema w Image

Right Column Content Schema with Images

Right Column Content Components can also feature images. Using the content component in this way adds more designed elements to your page.

Text Fragment

Text Fragments

Text Fragment components also add designed call outs to your page and draw attention to specific information.

Patient Care Call Out

"Appointment Box" Callout

You can use the Appointment schema to insert a styled call out on your page. While this template was designed primarily for patient care information, all text fields in the box are editable so it can be used to call attention to any type of contact info.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ components are used to help answer questions for visitors in a quick and concise format.

Map Button

Right Column Callout with a Map and/or Button

The "Address" schema can be used to create a right column call out that includes a map and/or a linked button.


Testimonials & Quotes

Using the "Quote" component allows you to insert styled testimonials and/or quotes to a page.

Page Titles

Page Titles

Page Title components are used to break up pages that have considerable text and/or multimedia content.