Adding Text to Your Site

There are several different schemas (types of components) that allow you to put text on a page. The most common schema is the "Content" component, which provides you with a variety of options to display text. Content components are used to insert paragraphs onto a page, and is where you will make the majority of your text edits. 

Additionally, this section will cover other text schemas that can help add different design elements to your pages, such as callout boxes and quotes/testimonials. View the different types of components featured below to see examples of the types of schemas that diversify your page and the information you want to list on your page.

Basic Text

Basic Text

The "Content" schema is the most widely used component. This schema allows you to add text and build paragraphs for your page. Within the content schema, there are several fields for where you can...

Hyperlinking Text

Hyperlinking Text

Hyperlinking text to documents, external websites, pages within your sites, and to e-mail addresses is simple in Tridion.

Summary View

Using Summary Templates to Organize Text

A good way to direct visitors to the content they are looking for is with summaries. Summaries allow you to easily create a preview of content available on another page of your site which visitors...



Tabs are a helpful way to categorize text into different sections so that the pages remain shorter.


Specialized Text: Right Column Boxes, Callouts, FAQs & more

These templates are designed for specific content presentation needs like adding text to the right column, creating FAQ's, or displaying quotations.


Creating Tables

Inserting tables into Content Components is another way to organize text in an easy-to-read format.

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Complex Link Lists

Complex link lists are useful when you want to display many  links, and you can easily divide the links into categories.

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Basic Link Lists

Basic Link Lists are useful for when you have a moderate to small number of links that you wish to display in a list on your website.