Important Information about Photography

Please review these guidelines regarding photography on your site, including those pertaining to headshots and banner images.

New Photography

If your department or section has not had a photography session in more than two years, the YSM Web Group can schedule a shoot for you. Contact with your request or to see if there are any photographs from recent shoots that you could use. If you require more photography than just your home page images refreshed, email for a list of recommended local photographers, or contact Yale Photo+Design.

Photography Resources


Typically, The YSM Web Group offers free headshot sessions three times a year. Contact Liz Pantani to find out when the next session is scheduled, or to be added to the list of people notified when the next shoot date is established. We will have a headshot setup for new faculty orientation in the Fall, and will also notify the Web Editor’s group of upcoming shoot dates.

If you need headshots more quickly, for an inexpensive fee you can contact the Yale Photo+Design group directly and visit the studio or schedule a photographer to come to your location at a convenient time for your faculty.

Assistance with Home Page Banner Images

The YSM Web Group will take care of putting new home page photographs on your website at no cost, whether the images are your own high-quality, professional photographs or those taken by the Web Group photography team. If you need more than ten images uploaded to your home page more often than once a quarter, you will need to sign up for a Web Editing Service with a cost associated with your needs.