Template Instructions and Examples

The following instructions provide an overview of the many different ways to display content using Tridion in the form of component schemas and templates.  All of the instructions are accompanied by examples of those templates to help you select the most appropriate presentation for the content you need to add to your site.

Rather than listing schemas and templates as they appear in Tridion, these elements have been organized in groups to make it easier to find information based on the task you have at hand.

Adding Text to Your Site

Basic Text

There are several different schemas (types of components) that allow you to put text on a page. The most common schema is the "Content" component, which provides you with a variety of options to display text. 

Additionally, this section will cover other text schemas that can help add different design elements to your pages, such as call-out boxes and quotes/testimonials.


Adding Multimedia

Video Gallery

Tridion allows you to add image, video, and audio files to your site through utilizing various components and templates. This section will explain how to add both single multimedia files and galleries to your site. The first step in adding multimedia content is to upload the file(s) to the web. See the "Uploading" section prior to viewing instructions to add multimedia to a page.


Interactive Features


Google maps, social media, and PubMed listing feeds are among the Tridion components that can make your site more engaging and interactive for visitors.


External Applications

News Page

There are several systems created by the Web Group which are managed outside of Tridion but can feed information into Tridion sites. These systems ensure consistency and avoid duplication of content which is appropriate for multiple sites, in addition to allowing users without knowledge of Tridion to update web content: Faculty Listing, News Listing, Event Calendar, and Clinical Trials Listing.