Andrew Zhuo Xiao PhD

Assistant Professor of Genetics

Departments & Organizations

Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS): Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics and Development

Stem Cell Center, Yale: Stem Cell Genetics

Cancer Genetics & Genomics


Research Interests

Chromatin biology; Histone variants; Modifications and chromatin remodeling complexes; Cellular reprogramming (iPS) and stem cell biology; Mammalian neural crest cell; Mammalian DNA damage response more...


  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2003

Selected Publications

  • Xiao A., Li H., Shechter D., Ahn S.H.,. Fabrizio L.A., Erdjument-Bromage H., Ishibe-Murakami S., Wang B., Tempst P., Hoffman K., Patel D.J., Elledge, S.J., and Allis C.D. (2009) WSTF regulates the H2A.X DNA damage response via a novel tyrosine kinase activity. Nature (research article) 457, 57-62 See news and view, Nature V458, 581
  • Shechter D., Chitta R.K., Xiao A., Shabanowitz J., Hunt D.F., and Allis C.D. (2009) A Distinct H2A.X Isoform is Enriched in Xenopus laevis Eggs and Early Embryos and is Phosphorylated in the Absence of DNA Damage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106:749?–?54
  • Zhao X., Pardanani A., Menendez S.J., Gural A., Dunne R., Xiao A., Erdjument-Bromage H., Allis C.D., Tempst P., and Nimer S. (2008) Methylation of RUNX1 by PRMT1 abrogates SIN3A binding and potentiates its transcriptional activity. Genes and Development, 22: 640-653.



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