Advanced Quiz Answers

Ensure that you are connected to the Yale network through VPNcollapse
When creating a new component, selecting a schema from the drop down menu will dictate the the type of component your creating and the fields that will appear within the componentcollapse
Content is added to components. Then, when building a page, selecting a particular template dictates how the component will appear on a pagecollapse
A short word or phrase (in all lowercase letters) that best exemplifies the content of the structure groupcollapse
A three digit navigation prefix, directly followed by an underscore (_) and the name of the page (i.e., About Us, Faculty, Research)collapse
Open the page from the Root folder that contains the component(s) that require(s) edits, edit Component Presentations as necessary, then Save and Close and publish the pagecollapse
Build new components in the Building Blocks Folder. Add these components to pre-existing pages or new pages in the Root folder, and then publish.collapse
Select a component or page. In the "Home" tab, click on "History" to view the version history of a component or pagecollapse
Use the Tridion left navigation or breadcrumbs to find the appropriate component or page, then open itcollapse