How Can I Check if My Edits Have Published?

Immediately after sending pages or sites to be published, you can check its status in the "Publishing Queue." Look for the "Publishing Queue" icon in the home tab and select your user name from the drop down menu to the left. Click on "Show Tasks" to the right, and Tridion will populate all of the items you have sent to be published. Most items take 1-2 minutes to be  published, but if you have a considerable amount of multimedia content (such as images, videos or PDFs) it may take longer. 

If the status reads "Success," your edits were published successfully! If it says "Failed," you will have to correct something on your page. Common scenarios that result in failures are:

  • There is a high volume of items being published in Tridion from several editors at YSM. Try to publish during off-peak times, which are typically in the morning and early afternoon. 
  • On the page you are trying to publish, there is a multimedia component that has the same file name as a different component you've used elsewhere on your site. File names are different than the component names you enter when uploading multimedia content into Tridion. 
  • There is an error in the page or structure group directory fields. Check for extra spaces, mislabeled prefixes, etc.

If you cannot determine why your page is not publishing, please feel free to contact us.