Resource Scheduler Updates

The Yale School of Medicine Resource Scheduler is available at This page is reserved for recent information and news relating to that application.

5-23-2011: "Limits" fields moved to a tab on "Edit Resource" page

Limits are back, and they've moved to a tab at the top of the "Edit Resource" page, right next to "Charges." It should be more easily accessible for administrators now.

5-19-2011: "Charges" fields moved on "Edit Resource" page

Please note that we have moved the “Charges” area on the “Edit Resource” page to a tab at the top of the page, rather than being all the way at the bottom. This is to allow more space for the additional work and features we are adding.

5-18-2011: Multi-user groups and Group-level Charging available

An example of a way to use this functionality is to create an “internal” user group and charge them Yale rates, and an “external” user group and charge them a different rate for use on the resource. You could also create a “beginner’s” user group to charge a training fee and then move them to the regular user group once they can use the resource on their own. 

Here are some details about how to update your resource settings: 

  • If you’d like to add a new user group, click “Add Membership Group.” You can have “Beginners” and “Advanced Users,” for instance. 
  • If you would like to charge them a fee, go to “New Charge,” and in that pop-up, there is a “Charge Restriction” drop-down where you select from your list of user types. You might charge “Beginners” $100 for time on the microscope, and “Advanced Users” $25, for instance.

Just a note that the "Limits" are down, but they should be back up this afternoon as the change is implemented for user-group level limiting for them.

3-1-2011: Intermittent Outages today

  • We're pushing out several updates today and there will be intermittent (and brief) outages. If you get an error, just try the system again in a few minutes.

2-15-2011: Little requests updated

  • Colors have been updated in the public "embed" view to be more visible on a variety of screens
  • A couple of bugs have been fixed: the reports are calculating charges better; external users can use passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters; 
  • Other minor requests that have been updated: users and PIs have their names separated into "first" and "last" names; "Usage by Booking" report includes netid; "Charge" report includes "comments" field; "Charge Report" includes any chargeable activity; "Billing Name" has been changed to "Account Owner/PI" name; all Payment Accounts fields are now required.

2-1-2011: Emails & Administrator updates

  • Automated emails include more information now
  • Administrators have access to change which user made a reservation
  • There are four types of reports available now, and you can pull them up to the current day

1-21-2011: Updates coming in the next few weeks:

  • More information in the automated emails that go out every time a user makes a reservation
  • Administrator access to user payment accounts
  • User access to edit their own payment accounts (just not the PTAEO number)
  • The ability to have more than one user type, so you can charge internal users one fee and external users a different fee, or new users can be charged a training fee until they become accomplished enough to work without an administrator helping them (and then you move them over to the "advanced" user group).

1-19-2011: Reporting

New Reporting Tool! You can now go to the "Usage Reports" area and build your own report--select your resources and the date range, select the type of report, and download it in excel or in a tab delimited format.


PTAEO validation was down for a period, but the service is back online and at the time of creating a payment account and reserving a resource, the PTAEO will be validated. Users will receive an error message if their PTAEO is not being validated.

12-20-2010: Public View

There is an "embeddable" view of your resource schedule available now. This functionality will be useful if you want to display the availability on a public computer or screen outside of the resource room. Take the piece of "embed code" from the scheduler, and place it on a Tridion Code Component and publish the page. This will display the availability of your resource publicly, so that people do not have to log in until they want to book the resource.

More help content is available on the "help" page.