Resource Scheduler

The School of Medicine's online Resource Scheduler allows YSM organizations to give scheduling access to their resources (lab equipment, rooms, etc.) based on constraints (i.e. users can only schedule one time slot per every 24 hours) and charge users for time via validated PTAEOs. It's a powerful web application that gives complete control over availability and constraints to the resource administrators. If you need help setting up a new resource or managing an existing resource, please see our resource scheduler guide for more information.

Features include:

  • Reserve resources from anywhere at It’s entirely web-based.
  • One click to view availability; two clicks to a reservation.
  • Reports are real-time and on-demand. You can view and download into Excel detailed usage and billing reports, customized to be as detailed or generalized as you want them.
  • Track and validate charge accounts.
  • Validate PTAEOs at the time of reservation.
  • Charge multiple accounts by percentage for one reservation.


  • Create and manage resources from anywhere.
  • Adjust user reservations and past usage.
  • Block off times for maintenance.
  • Use pre-formatted reports to submit to Oracle for billing.
  • Notify all users and administrators fast when something changes.

Resource Scheduler Help

For detailed instructions on how to create a new resource or manage an existing one, please see the resource scheduler guide.