Edit a Faculty Profile

For Faculty or Staff

Everyone has access to edit their own profile

To edit your profile, either:

  1. Visit profile.yale.edu and click the Edit a Profile... button to edit your profile, or...
  2. Click the Edit this profile... link at the bottom of your profile when it appears on a YSM website.

Instructions for Profile Administrators

If you are a profile administrator with access to edit one or more organizations in the profile system (i.e., you can edit more than just your own profile), please follow these instructions to edit an individual faculty or staff profile:

  1. Visit http://profile.yale.edu.
  2. Click the Edit a Profile... button and log in with your NetID and password (if you're not already logged into CAS).
  3. In the "Search" field, search for a person by their first OR last name only.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Click the name of the appropriate person from the list of results.
  6. Edit the profile as necessary. Changes made to profiles will propagate to all Tridion websites within 24 hours, you may not see the changes on your website right away.