Adding Forms to News Items

It's possible to add forms from the FormBuilder to news items. These can even be the same forms located elsewhere on your site.  After creating a form using the FormBuilder, you can add them to a news item by:

  1. In the news item where you want to insert a form, click the "HTML" button.
  2. Paste and embed the form code into the HTML. Insert it in the place where you want the form to display.
    1. If you're inserting the form at the end of the article, just paste it after all the code you see.  If you're like to insert it between two paragraphs, insert it AFTER a "</p>" tag and BEFORE the following "<p>" tag.
  3. After clicking "Update" in the HTML popup, you'll just see some text that says "Loading..." where the form is supposed to be.  This is normal.
  4. Once you're done writing the Full Text for the article, click "Update."  The form will appear along with your news article once it appears online.