Web Applications

As part of the Web Group's core challenge to solve web-based problems with school-wide solutions, we have developed an ever-growing suite of applications to enhance the school's websites. 

Interactive Display Screen (Flyerboard)

The Flyerboard is an interactive touch screen designed to distribute up-to-date information through event listings, news, announcements, social media, multimedia, local guides, and people search throughout the School of Medicine's campus. Users interact with these screens via touch and can easily navigate through the various modules to immediately access information.


YSM Faculty Profile System

Faculty Profile project
The Faculty Profile Project was designed to collect, display, and utilize information about faculty in order to improve faculty communications, engender a sense of community and collaboration at Yale School of Medicine (YSM), expand information about YSM faculty online, and improve the internal and external reputation of YSM.


News System

News System Screenshot

The news system was created to allow organizations at YSM to more efficiently create and share news and to prevent redundancy of content and of effort. News items entered into the system can be tagged with people and organizations to show up in their news feeds and can be shared across multiple organizations and faculty profiles.


Resource Scheduler

Resource scheduler
The School of Medicine's online Resource Scheduler allows YSM organizations to give scheduling access to their resources (lab equipment, rooms, etc.) based on constraints (i.e. users can only schedule one time slot per every 24 hours) and charge users for time via validated PTAEOs.


Event Calendar

The School of Medicine's online event calendar is an intuitive and easy to use system available to display public or private calendars on YSM websites.


Form Builder

Form builder
The School of Medicine's online Form Builder allows non-technical people to easily construct forms to place them on their website.


Yale Clinical Trials System

clinical trials
Yalestudies.org displays information about all clinical trials actively recruiting at Yale. Potential participants may express their interest in specific trials or in categories of trials. Trial information comes from clinicaltrials.gov and is tagged with categories and PIs by Yale Staff.