From the Dean

I am pleased to introduce a School of Medicine initiative to establish a consistent YSM brand presence on the web. The YSM Web Template is part of a University-wide initiative to develop an elegant design, a coherent structure, and a cohesive community online.

For many years, University and School websites have been developed by individual organizations, pursued because it was and is important to have a presence online for the many audiences who need to learn more about us, such as prospective students, potential faculty and staff, visitors, alumni, and potential donors.

It is a new era online, and branding is of the utmost importance. The YSM web template is a first step toward developing brand consistency online, and the Office of Institutional Planning & Communications has a team dedicated to fulfilling this project. The project has full support from the highest levels of administration at YSM and at the University. For questions, please contact Lena Parker (Director, YSM Web Planning) at (203) 737-7932.

Thank you for your support,
Dean Robert J. Alpern, MD