About Us

The School of Medicine's Web Group provides planning and initiatives for both the overall organization of the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) and the individual entities comprising it.

We offer web planning services to entities within the Yale School of Medicine, including website building and various applications that support the school's web needs. We address issues affecting the school and resolve them for the entire school by creating solutions and then allowing people to do the work for themselves. We are always here as a resource for any web initiatives or needs.

Our Team

We are a unique team of strategists, project managers, designers, developers, implementors, and incredibly patient support specialists. Along with a small but clever team of student workers and external vendors, we build and support more than 500 websites and seven major systems that enable the School of Medicine to communicate information. Meet our team.


Web Community Meetings

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A regular meeting for the School of Medicine's Web Community and those interested in the "web" at YSM where we discuss the latest web projects, provide insight into the school’s various web applications (calendar, faculty profile system, forms, etc.) and seek your input on future developments.


List of All Live Sites

The School of Medicine has over 500 organization and lab websites. View a list of all sites along with their vanity URLs.


YSM Website Editors

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A distributed team of more than 200 people are responsible for editing the school's websites. View a listing of each site along with it's editor.