Themis Kyriakides, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director Graduate Programs

Research Interests

Cell Fusion; Education, Medical; Extracellular Matrix; Foreign Bodies; Inflammation; Pathology; Wound Healing

Research Organizations

Pathology: Kyriakides Lab | Pathology Research

NIH T32 Program

Vascular Biology and Therapeutics Program

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

My laboratory is studying the molecular events that dictate the foreign body response (FBR) to biomaterials. We have identified modifiers of the FBR such as MCP-1, MMP-9 and TSP2. MCP-1 and MMP-9 are required for monocyte fusion and formation of foreign body giant cells. Our biomaterial studies include skin and brain implants. Monocytes undergoing fusion display changes in cell shape and formation of lamellipodia. We have shown that these processes depend on the activation of Rac1, and we have developed strategies to block its activation. Our angiogenesis-related research is focused on TSP2, an inhibitor of angiogenesis. We are utilizing a three-dimensional assay to investigate its effects on endothelial cells. Our aim is to identify the signals propagated by TSP2. Recently, we have found that TSP2 is critical for the recovery of blood flow in ischemia and that its expression is regulated by nitric oxide. We are examining the role of nitric oxide in controlling TSP2 levels during arteriogenesis and angiogenesis.

Specialized Terms: Angiogenesis; Extracellular matrix remodeling; Inflammation; Cell fusion; Wound healing; Foreign body response; Gene delivery; Biomaterials

Extensive Research Description

Our specialized research interests include cellular and molecular events; the interface between implanted biomaterials and tissues; biomaterial-induced inflammation, wound healing, tissue regeneration with a focus on angiogenesis, and extracellular matrix remodeling; in vivo work on genetically-modified mice; gene delivery from biomaterials; development of bioactive and biodegradable polymers; modification of glucose sensors; development of artificial skin.

Selected Publications

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Themis Kyriakides, PhD
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Department of PathologyAmistad Street Building
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Department of Pathology310 Cedar Street
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