Hyung Joon Chun MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology); Director, YPB Fellows' Cardiovascular Clinic

Research Interests

Atherosclerosis; Pulmonary hypertension; Angiogenesis; GPCR signaling; Endothelial cell function; Vascular pharmacology; Apelin; Angiotensin II

Current Projects

-Role of apelin-APJ signaling in vascular disease models
-Characterization of novel downstream targets of apelin-APJ signaling in vascular biology
-Mechanism of endothelial dysfunction in pulmonary arterial hypertension
-Regulation and function of microRNAs in vascular disease models

Selected Publications

  • Kang Y, Kim J, Anderson JP, Wu J, Gleim SR, Kundu R, McLean DL, Kim JD, Park H, Jin SW, Hwa J, Quertermous T and Chun HJ: Apelin-APJ Signaling is a Critical Regulator of Endothelial MEF2 Activation in Cardiovascular Development. Circ Res. 2013 Apr 19; Epub 2013 Apr 19. PMID: 23603510
  • Kim J, Kang Y, Kojima Y, Lighthouse JK, Hu X, Aldred MA, McLean DL, Park H, Comhair SA, Greif DM, Erzurum SC and Chun HJ: An endothelial apelin-FGF link mediated by miR-424 and miR-503 is disrupted in pulmonary arterial hypertension. Nat Med. 2012 Dec 23; Epub 2012 Dec 23. PMID: 23263626
  • McLean, D.L., Kim, J., Kang, Y., Shi, H., Atkins, G.B., Jain, M.K., and Chun, H.J. (2012). Apelin/APJ Signaling Is a Critical Regulator of Statin Effects in Vascular Endothelial Cells—Brief Report. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, published online before print September 20, 2012
  • Chandra, S.M., Razavi, H., Kim, J., Agrawal, R., Kundu, R., de Jesus Perez, V., Zamanian, R.T., Quertermous, T., and Chun, H.J., Disruption of the Apelin-APJ System Worsens Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension, ATVB, (2011) [Epub ahead of print]
  • Chun, H.J.*, Ali, Z.*, Kojima, Y.*(*co-primary authors), Sheikh, A.Y., Kundu, R.K., Zheng, L.,Pearl, N.E., Patterson, A.J., Ashley, E.A., Anderson, J., Tsao, P.S., Lenardo, M.J., Quertermous, T.,Apelin signaling antagonizes angiotensin II effects in experimental atherosclerosis, Journal of Clinical Investigation, 118(10): 3343-3354 (2008)
  • Chun, H.J.*, Zheng, L.*, Ahmad, M.*(*co-primary authors), Wang, J., Siegel, R.M., Dale, J.K.,Fischer, R.E., Puck, J.M., Straus, S.E., Atkinson, T.P., and Lenardo, M.J.; Pleiotropic lymphocyte activation defects due to caspase-8 mutation causes human immunodeficiency; Nature, 419(6905):395-399, 2002
  • Sheikh, A.Y., Chun, H.J., Glassford, A., Kundu, R., Kutschka, I., Ardido, D., Hendry, S., Wagner,R., Chen, M., Ali, Z., Yue, P., Huynh, D., Connolly, A., Pelletier, M., Tsao, P., Robbins, R.,Quertermous, T.; In vivo genetic profiling and cellular localization of apelin reveals a hypoxia-sensitive, endothelial-centered pathway activated in ischemic heart failure; AJP: Heart andCirculatory Physiology; 294(1):H88-98, 2008
  • Chun, H.J., Narula, J., Wu, J.C., Intracellular and extracellular targets of molecular imaging inmyocardium, Nature Clinical Practice Review, Suppl 2:S33-41, 2008
  • Wang, J., Chun, H.J., Wong, W., Spencer, D.M., and Lenardo, M.J.; Caspase-10 is an initiator caspase in death receptor signaling; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 98(24):13884-13888, 2001
  • Chan, F.K., Chun, H.J., Zheng, L., Siegel, R.M., Bui, K.L., Lenardo, M.J.; A domain in TNFreceptors that mediates ligand-independent receptor assembly and signaling; Science, 288:2351-2354, 2000


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