About Us

The overall mission of the Vascular Biology and Therapeutics is to foster new research in vascular biology with special emphasis on translational opportunities.   We anticipate that discoveries coming from this program will be directed at and applied to clinical problems to improve tissue perfusion.

The Program will also train basic and clinician scientists in research in these disciplines, organize programmatic grants and seminar series and provide an overall intellectual framework for Cardiovascular Research at Yale. 

Mouse netrophil.  Image courtesy of Dianqing Wu, PhD.

A mouse netrophil expressing actin-GFP and RFP-PIP5klγ90 is stimulated by fMLP from a micropipette(Asterisk). Actin-GFP and RFP-PIP5IKlg90 are distributed at the leading edge and uropod of a chemotaxing neutrophil.  Image courtesy of Dianqing Wu, PhD.