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If you have a question or request please call Dorothy DeBernardo at 203-785-3203 or email We also have a brochure you can download here. You may also contact any of us using the information below. To find us click here.

Janet Hafler, Director

Director's Welcome

Yale Faculty Profile

Phone: 203-737-5952


Thank you for your interest in Yale School of Medicine Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). The Center was established in 2012 to promote and support excellence in ...Read more

Tracie M. Addy, Assessment Program Manager

Yale Profile

Phone: 203-785-4854


As the Assessment Program Manager, I assist the directors of curriculum, educator and student assessment at the Teaching and Learning Center. I also manage the Standardized Patient (SP) program.  In particular, my roles include: …Read more

John Encandela, Associate Director for Curriculum and Educator Assessment

Curriculum and Educator Assessment

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Phone:203 785-5466

As Associate Director for Curriculum and Educator Assessment, I work closely with education leadership and committees in designing and implementing a plan to assess and evaluate the medical school curriculum...Read more

Michael Green, Associate Director for Student Assessment

Student Assessment

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Phone: 203-737-6809


As the Associate Director for Student Assessment, I oversee assessment of students’ clinical competence throughout the curriculum...Read more

Gary Leydon, Associate Director for Technology Services

Technology Services

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Phone: 203-737-6408


As the Associate Director for Technology Services I look forward to providing consultation to YSM's learning community about a wide range of topics pertaining to digital technology....Read more

Anna Reisman

Anna Reisman, Director of the Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patient Program

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Phone: 203-785-3327


As the Director of the Standardized Patient Program, I train and write scripts for local actors who portray a variety of patients in different clinical scenarios....Read More

Dorothy DeBernardo, Manager

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Phone: 203-785-3203


The Teaching and Learning Center is aptly abbreviated TLC. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing educators with the expertise, programs and individual attention they deserve and require to inspire their students. In my role as manager, I enjoy working with my colleagues to be certain excellence is in everything we bring to the medical education community. In particular I oversee: ...Read more

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For more information about any of our services (e.g. Education Workshops, Peer Observation, How to join the Medical Education Fellowship, Standardized Patients, MedEd Discussions ...) email us at

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