2015 Medical Physics Lecture Series: Radiation Oncology Physics

Smilow Conference Room: Tuesdays 12:30pm - 2:00pm

These lectures should be educational in design and include a review of relevant literature. These lectures do not require original research but should present current standard of practice with a detailed description on background information . Lectures should be about 60 minutes in duration with about 30 minutes of Q & A. All interested persons are welcome to attend.

2015 Series
ACR Accreditation for the Radiation Oncology Practice at WaukeshaMichael E. Kowalok01/16/2015
Development and Error Assessment of Motion Management and Adaptive Therapy MethodsSarah Geneser01/12/2015
Development of a real-time optical tracking goggle system for intracranial stereotactic radiotherapyKathryn E. Mittauer02/20/2015
Gold Nanoparticle Aided Radiotherapy and X-Ray Fluorescence ImagingFrancisco Javier Reynoso02/27/2015
A Novel Technique for Spatial Mapping of the Biologic Effectiveness of Therapeutic Proton BeamsFada Guan03/06/2015
FFF Bean Characteristics and Clinical ImplementationYunfei Huang05/11/2015
Highlights from the 2015 AAPM Spring Clinical MeetingJennifer Pursley05/15/2015
Image Registration for Radiation TherapySarah Geneser09/22/2015
Knowledge-based Treatment Planning for RadiotherapyHuixio Chen10/27/2015
Surface Imaging for Radiation Therapy I: c-Rad and Vision RTWu Liu11/24/2015
Surface Imaging for Radiation Therapy II: TG-100 AnalysisCharles Gignac12/15/2015