Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Program

Director: James B. Yu, MD

The Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Program at the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale-New Haven is at the forefront of cutting edge cancer care. Offering ultrasound guided transperineal prostate brachytherapy and Image Guided – Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, the Prostate and Genitourinary Radiotherapy program at Smilow Cancer Center provides nationally recognized and evidence based radiotherapy care in a caring and personalized environment.

The past decade has brought about major changes in the way radiotherapy is delivered for prostate cancer. Foremost among these changes is the development of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), allowing the precise shaping of radiation dose around the prostate, with corresponding better avoidance of surrounding critical structures, such as the rectum and bladder. The Yale prostate IMRT program, originally developed by Dr. Richard E. Peschel MD, PhD, has become one of the most respected prostate radiotherapy programs in the country. We have published extensively about our experience with IMRT technology at Yale, and our radiotherapy techniques have been clinically proven to lower side effects and improve radiation outcomes for men with prostate cancer. Secondly, our ability to target the prostate has taken a paradigm shift forward, with the use of Image Guidance technology. We are able to precisely account for daily set up error and patient positioning with daily 3-Dimensional imaging and reconstruction of the prostate and surrounding tissues using cone-beam technology.

Development of the prostate cancer IMRT database at Yale has been supported by the Anna Fuller Foundation, and has been the source of multiple peer reviewed articles in the foremost medical journals. Using our experience with over 700 patients treated with IMRT, we are developing new guidelines and insights in the use of radiation for prostate cancer.

Together with our proven and well-published experience in the physics of IMRT, in our experience with prostate brachytherapy, and research into the estimation of prostate cancer risk, Yale-New Haven Hospital is a true national and international leader in prostate radiotherapy.