Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy Program

Director: Lynn D. Wilson, MD, MPH

The Yale Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy (TSEBT) program has been active for over 25 years and is utilized in the management of patients with cutaneous lymphoma as well as several other disorders. The Yale TSEBT program is one of the largest of its type worldwide, and our multidisciplinary cutaneous lymphoma group sees patients from many areas within North America, and from other continents. Quality assurance is a critical feature in the delivery of such technically complicated therapy, and the departmental radiation physics and dosimetry staff members are an integral part of the program.

Patients are seen in consultation by Dr. Wilson, which is typically performed in a coordinated fashion with a faculty member from the Yale Department of Dermatology. The clinical visit is organized in such a manner so that patients will become familiar with our cutaneous lymphoma nursing group and other clinical staff as required, based on specific treatment recommendations. A brochure describing the TSEBT program and what patients may expect from treatment is provided during the initial consultation visit. This written information references details and concepts that are presented and reviewed with the patient during the first consultation visit.

Our treatment facility is state of the art with a linear accelerator, which is dedicated to the treatment (TSEBT) and management of patients with cutaneous lymphoma. Approximately 100 patients with cutaneous lymphoma are evaluated annually in the radiation oncology department. The standard course of TSEBT is provided over 9 weeks, 4 days per week. Assistance with accommodations can be provided for patients travelling to Yale for TSEBT from long distances, outside of the state, or other countries.