Patient Care

At Yale Vascular Surgery, we believe that patient knowledge is an important part of the healing process, which is why we emphasize patient education and risk factor evaluation and reduction. Our surgeons will provide you with in-depth information regarding your condition and the treatment and management options available for you.

As a patient of Yale Vascular Surgery, you will be cared for by a world-renowned team of surgeons and multidisciplinary specialists that will facilitate, manage, and coordinate all aspects of your short- and long-term treatment plans. Our integrated, patient-centered approach assures that you will receive timely, comprehensive care and individualized attention. 

In the tradition of Yale as a laparoscopic center of excellence, minimally invasive endovascular surgery is offered for many patients. When open surgeries are required, our surgeons use the most advanced techniques available to help reduce recovery time, scarring, and postsurgical discomfort.

The diseases and disorders we diagnose and treat include: 

  • Renal vascular disease and complex hypertension
  • Infra-inguinal occlusive disease, including distal disease in diabetics
  • Complex aneurysm disease of the aorta, including thoracic, thoracoabdominal, and suprarenal
  • Complicated portal hypertension
  • Complex wounds
  • Aortic arch and cerebrovascular occlusive disease