Become A Donor

You can save lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor. Ninety thousand (90,000) Americans are waiting for an organ transplant. For more information, visit Donate Life Connecticut or Donate Life America.

After a person passes, they may be a good candidate for organ donation. While still living, a person may choose to donate their organs after they die. In other situations, family members may choose to have their loved ones’ organs donated to save the lives of patients waiting for an organ transplant. Two types of deceased organ donor options include donation after cardiac death and donation after neurological death.

Living Donor Option

Innovative techniques developed over the last few years have allowed living donors to give the gift of life to loved ones, friends, and even complete strangers.

There is a great demand for organ donation in Connecticut and living organ donors can help close the gap by safely donating a kidney, portion of a kidney, or a portion of the liver. YNHTC uses minimally invasive, laparoscopic techniques to remove the organ or portion of the organ using small incisions that require less post-operative healing time. Most living organ donors can leave the hospital just two days after the procedure.

There are three easy ways you can register as a donor:
  1. Call Donate Life Connecticut at 203.387.1549. 
  2. Visit Donate Life New England to register online if you are a resident of a New England state; or visit Donate Life America to find out about organ donation procedures in your state. 
  3. Express your wish to become a donor when you receive or renew your driver's license at the DMV.
Please remember to share your decision with your family so they understand your wish to be an organ donor.

Become A Volunteer

For more information on how you can help raise organ donation awareness, please contact Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center at 203.785.6501 or Donate Life Connecticut at 203.387.1549.