Malignant Chest-Wall Tumors

Malignant chest-wall tumors have many sites of origin, including the muscles, bones, cartilage, blood vessels, connective tissue, nerves, fatty tissue, and skin of the chest. Dealing with this complex set of tumors is challenging, but one that our surgeons and multidisciplinary team members are highly skilled at treating, including the most complex cases of chest-wall cancers. The majority of chest-wall tumors have no known cause or risks associated with their development. Prior cancers, surgery, or trauma have been implicated in the development of some tumors. Patients may present with a mass, lump, or swelling in the chest with or without pain or discomfort. Diagnosis and staging are complex for these tumors and are performed on an individualized basis. In some circumstances, radiology imaging alone may confirm the disease; in other cases, a biopsy or removal of a portion of the chest wall may be required to diagnose and simultaneously treat patients. 

Removing the malignancies in the chest wall generally include removing the structures involved, such as the local ribs and muscles. This procedure is known as a chest-wall resection and is typically associated with the reconstruction of the defect. Depending on the location, size, and extent of the operation, our plastic surgery colleagues may assist in reconstructing the chest wall. Ultimately, the goal of any reconstruction is to restore the normal appearance and function of the chest wall.

Our expert surgeons have extensive experience with all aspects associated with resections and reconstructions of malignant chest-wall tumors. This surgery is complex and demands the skill that our world-class surgeons bring. 

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