Kimberly A. Davis MD MBA, FACS, FCCM

Professor of Surgery (Trauma); Chief of the Section of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies; Vice Chairman, Clinical Affairs, Department of Surgery; Trauma Director, Yale-New Haven Hospital; Surgical Director, Performance and Quality Improvement, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Departments & Organizations

Surgery: Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Surgical Emergencies | Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Surgical Emergencies

Research Interests

Inflammation; Infection; Ventilator associated pneumonia; Sepsis; Shock; Resuscitation trauma systems; Trauma outcomes; Performance improvement and outcomes more...


  • B.S., Yale University, 1985
  • M.D., Albany Medical College, 1991
  • M.B.A., Yale University, 2012
  • M.B.A., Yale School of Management, 2012

Selected Publications

  • Davis KA, Rozycki GS. “Acute care surgery in evolution”. Critical Care Medicine, 2010, 38 (Suppl.), S405-S410.
  • Maung AA, Kaplan LJ, Schuster KM, Johnson DC, Davis KA. “Routine / protocol evaluation of trauma patients with suspected syncope is unnecessary.“ Journal of Trauma, 2011, 70, 428-432.
  • McGillicuddy EA, Lischuk A, Schuster KM, Kaplan, LJ, Lui FY, Bokhari SJ, Davis KA. “Development of a CT scoring system for necrotizing soft tissue infections.” Journal of Trauma, 2011, 70, 894-899.



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