Joseph Santos-Sacchi PhD

Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology), of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and of Neurobiology

Biographical Info

Dr. Joseph Santos-Sacchi, Professor, works on understanding how outer hair cells (OHC) help us hear so well. His lab focuses on electrophysiological assessment of hair cell function and molecular manipulations of the proteins that are important for hearing.

International Activity

  • England, United Kingdom(2008)
    Plenary Lecture Mechanics of Hearing, 10th International Symposium, Keele University
  • Inner Ear Biology Meeting
    Ferrara, Italy(2008 - 2008)
    Presented at the Inner Ear Biology Meeting
  • Hirosaki, Japan(2006 - 2006)
    Plenary Speaker, Newest tunes from Corti’s organ, 16th Congress of the Japan Otology Society
  • Shanghai, China(2006)
    Invited Chair, Symposium on Cochlear Amplification, Shangai International Conference on Audition and Vision
  • Invited Speaker
    Osaka-shi, Japan(2004)
    Invited Seminar, Biophysics of the outer hair cell, Osaka University
  • Modulation of OHC capacitance by chloride
    Rome, Italy(2001 - 2001)
    Presentation- Modulation of OHC capacitance by chloride, Inner Ear Biology Meeting
  • Germany(2001)
    Invited participant, Roving nonlinearities of the OHC motor Perceptual Consequences of Cochlear Nonlinearity
  • Presenter
    Groningen, Netherlands(1993)
    Presentation- Characterizing the extent of the OHC motility voltage sensor with an electrical guillotine: evidence that ends don't meet, Symposium: Biophysics of hair cell sensory systems
  • Presenter
    Montreal, Canada(1988)
    Presentation- Gap junctional communication in isolated supporting cells of the organ of Corti., Fourth International Congress of Cell Biology
  • Canada(1988)
    Presentation- Rectified mechanical responses in outer hair cells from the mammalian organ of Corti, Fourth International Congress of Cell Biology
  • Melbourne, Australia(1983 - 1983)
    Presentation- AC receptor potentials from hair cells in the low frequency region of the guinea pig cochlea, I.U.P.S. Satellite Symposium on Mechanism of Hearing, Monash University

Education & Training

Columbia College (1973)
Columbia University (1978)
Columbia University (1978)

Honors & Recognition

  • Master of Arts, Honoris Cuasa
    Yale University, New Haven, CT (1995)

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