Yale Craniofacial Program

Derek Steinbacher, MD, DMD, Assistant Professor

Director Craniofacial Center

Dr. Derek Steinbacher is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is passionate about helping children with congenital birth defects have a chance at a normal life and a childhood filled with laughter and joy. His commitment to help children and adults with craniofacial disorders brings him to developing countries where he provides free surgery and medical care for those who could not otherwise afford treatment.

Dr. Steinbacher earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 2004. His multidisciplinary training in dental/occlusal, maxillofacial, plastic, cosmetic, and craniofacial surgeries allows him to understand and to provide complete surgical treatment for the multitude of issues that often accompany birth defects. He uses 3D image analysis and sophisticated treatment planning to provide the best possible surgical results.

In addition to specializing in cleft, craniofacial, and maxillofacial surgery, he also performs cosmetic surgery of the face and body, rhinoplasty, facial reanimation for palsy, and facial reconstruction.

His research encompasses tissue engineering and regeneration, fat grafting, distraction osteogenesis, stress shielding, and 3-dimensional analysis and planning.

Please call 203.785.4559 to contact Dr. Steinbacher.

John A. Persing, MD

Section Chief, Yale School of Medicine Department of Surgery - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Director, Yale Cosmetic Surgery Center; Irving and Silik Polayes Professor of Surgery (Plastic) and Professor of Neurosurgery

Dr. John A. Persing, a Board Certified Neurological Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon, is passionate about improving the quality of life of children born with craniofacial defects and individuals affected by cancer. He believes that all people deserve a chance at a better life, regardless of economic and world boundaries.

Dr. Persing earned his medical degree from the University of Vermont in 1974. He has been President of the Plastic Surgery Foundation, the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons, the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery, the American Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons, among others, and served as Chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is currently the Vice President of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, and received the Clinician of the Year Award recently from this association.

Dr. Persing has a focus on improving the quality of patients’ lives regardless of whether this is a cosmetic or reconstructive concern. His clinical interests are craniofacial deformities, vascular malformations, and cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

Connecticut Magazine named Dr. Persing among the best in the state in its annual "Top Doctors" issue in the April 2011 edition.

Patient Care: Yale Craniofacial Program and Yale Cosmetic Surgery Center

Please call 203.785.2570 to reach Dr. Persing.

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