Stickler Syndrome

What Is Stickler Syndrome?

If your child has been born with Stickler syndrome, it is likely that the gene is carried by one or both of the parents. If you consulted a geneticist before getting pregnant, it is still natural to feel overwhelmed when considering the complications and treatments your child will face.

Our bodies have three collagen genes that tell the body to make collagen for connective tissues. Stickler syndrome is a genetic mutation affecting one of the three collagen genes. Without proper collagen production for the connective tissue, a muscle’s ability to stretch and contract becomes hindered. Connective tissue is important for the eyes, ears, and joints; therefore, your child might have problems seeing and hearing. Facial and skeletal development may also be affected.  

At the Yale Craniofacial Program, our world-class team of surgeons and specialists will provide your child with compassionate, state-of-the-art care. Our specialists collaborate to provide each patient with a carefully devised, individually tailored, multidisciplinary plan of treatment. With a special interest in children with birth defects, we know how important it is that the parents feel comfortable with the treatment plan. That is why we offer you support every step of the way, making certain you understand every procedure and process your child will undergo.

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