Pierre Robin Sequence

What Is Pierre Robin Sequence?

Pierre Robin Sequence is a congenital, or birth, defect where the child has an underdeveloped jaw, a downward- or backward-positioned tongue, respiratory obstruction, and usually a cleft palate of both the hard and soft tissue.

Pierre Robin is considered a sequence rather than a syndrome because the underdeveloped jaw begins a sequence of events. In a normal sequence of events, the tongue moves down away from the roof of the mouth at around seven to ten weeks gestation, allowing the roof, or palate, of the mouth to form normally. In children with Pierre Robin Sequence, the tongue never drops down because the lower jaw does not fully develop, which interferes with the normal development of the palate.

Pierre Robin Sequence can happen alone or as part of a syndrome. Some of these syndromes include Stickler syndrome and velocardiofacial syndrome. If your child was born with Pierre Robin Sequence as part of another syndrome, you might or might not have had genetic testing to determine your child’s chances of having a birth defect. But any time a child is born with a birth defect, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with the process and challenges that your child might have to face.

Working with our team of surgeons at the Yale Craniofacial Program and a team of interdisciplinary specialists means that your child will receive among the highest-quality, comprehensive care and the latest treatment options available. Each of our team members is dedicated to helping children with birth defects be as happy and healthy as possible, so that they, too, can experience the joys of childhood.

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