Eyelid Lift [Blepharoplasty]

The area around the eyelids is one of the primary places where your face begins to show age and stress.

Eyelid surgery can make you look more awake and more youthful by:
  • Removing excess skin above your eyelids that causes a sagging appearance
  • Removing excess skin below the eyes, such as under eye bags, that causes a puffy appearance
  • Removing skin under the eyes that has dropped below the natural line of the eye
Using the most current techniques, our team at the Yale Cosmetic Surgery Center can reduce the fatigued look around your eyes, reverse the signs of aging, and improve your peripheral vision. 

During your private consultation, we will discuss your goals, describe different options best suited for you, and provide a recommended course of treatment. We will also make sure that you understand and feel comfortable with what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. With 3D imaging technology, our surgeons can simulate the proposed outcome of an eyelid lift, so that you can see the results before the surgical process. It also allows us to make any adjustments to discrepancies in the surgical plan.

What To Expect:

Eyelid lifts can be done under local or general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Once your eyelids have healed, your eyes will appear more open and expressive, under eye bags will be diminished, and you will have more a refreshed, youthful look.