Genioglossus Advancement

Obstructive sleep apnea interferes with normal life and can cause health problems, such as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, memory problems, weight gain, impotency, and headaches. Sleep apnea can interrupt sleep many times during the night, causing you to feel extra tired or for your baby to seem sleepy during the day.

Children or adults with certain deformities that cause a smaller airway can suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. A genioglossus advancement, in which the base of the tongue is pulled forward, can successfully open the airway. 

At the Yale Airway and Sleep Disorders Program, our multidisciplinary team, including maxillofacial surgeons, ENTs, dentists, and sleep disorder specialists, has successfully treated children and adults with obstructive sleep apnea through genioglossus advancement. We know that you will have questions about the procedure. We will make sure you feel comfortable with the surgery and that you know what to expect for you or your child.